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A Journal for the Inquiring Christian


Volume 2, Number 1 January 2003

2002 in Review, by Greg Krehbiel

Feature Articles
+ TV and the Christian, by Jeff Culbreath
+ History of Islam and Christian Anti-Semitism, by Geoff Robinson

From the Field
+ A Kinder, Gentler Iraq, by Scott Wicker

Movie Review
+ The Two Towers, review by Greg Krehbiel

+ Is Protestantism just a negation of Catholicism?, by Bronson Long

+ The 2002 Annual General Meeting of Forward in Faith, Walsingham, by Fr. Hilary de Bench SSC
Volume 1, Number 3 March 2002

The Month(s) in Review, by Greg Krehbiel

Feature Articles
+ The Two-Fold Magisterium and Ecumenism, by Greg Krehbiel, reviewed with comment by Fr. Gregory, Doug Jones, and Jeff Culbreath.
+ Against the Egalitarian Heresy, by Jeff Culbreath
+ Atonement Through Almsgiving, by Steven Badal

From the Field
+ Britney's New Beau, by Scott Wicker

+ Crowhill, Revisited, by Scott Wicker

+ Ian Paisley vs. the Man-Worshippers, by The Curmudgeon
Volume 1, Number 2 November 2001

The Month(s) in Review, by Greg Krehbiel

+ Ecclesiology Isn't Geometry, by Tim Enloe
+ Skepticism and the School of Miracles, by Steven Badal
+ Scripture, Tradition, Church and Pope, by Greg Krehbiel

+ Flying the Friendly Skies, by Artie Megibben

Book Reviews
+ There We Stood, Here We Stand, reviewed by Kelly Brimmer-Pittman
+ The Cloister Walk, reviewed by I. Shawn McElhinney
Volume 1, Number 1 September 2001

The Month in Review, by Greg Krehbiel

+ Those Catholic Presbyterians, by Greg Krehbiel
+ In the Sweat of Thy Face, by Jeff Culbreath
+ Digital Catholics, by Steven Badal

+ Opening Pandora's Box, Yet Again, by I. Shawn McElhinney

Book Reviews
+ His Dark Materials, reviewed by Greg Krehbiel
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